Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ann and Cousin Gracie

Ann and Cousin Gracie at grandma's house

Friday, November 04, 2005

It's Friday Night!

It's Friday evening, and we've all had a long day, but we're doing well. Donnie had to work after Ann had him awake a couple of times through the night. He seems to keep his chin up no matter how much sleep he gets or doesn't

Donna did a few chores, took a walk with the neighbor and tried out the nice stroller that the Fogle side of the family blessed us with. Ann sure does love her rides on a back bumpy road. Mommy enjoyed getting out in the was so pretty today! After a few dishes and baking some M&M cookies, it was time for big brother Vanya to come home from school!

Doenisha kind of had a sad day of her school friends was killed in a car accident near our house last night. I let her leave school early, and go to a friends house to try and ease the pain a little bit. She seems to be doing o.k. tonight. She got a real good report card this last 9 weeks! Dolly likes to play Mommy with the baby. She does real good changing diapers and dressing her when Mommy will let her.

Vanya had a good day at school. He did real good on his report card. He's just got one subject that really needs help, so I think we can get that taken care of with a little effort! He seems to be liking school a whole lot better this year, which is awesome! He's real good with the baby...loves to kiss and hug her all the time. He changed the first poopie diaper yesterday... he was real proud of himself.

Ann is the star of our day always! She keeps us all happy around here. she seems to like the swing real well, and of course she's spoiled already, and we're not real sure how that could have happened so fast, but since she'll only be little once, none of us seem to be able to help ourselves. Hope you enjoy the new pictures of her! She still gets us up a little more than we'd like at night, but everyone tries to assure us that will Easy for them to say...ha!

More pictures of Ann and Family

Ann Dressed Up

Ann and Grandpa Fogle

Vanya Ann & Mommy at the Halloween party

Grandma Grandpa & Ann

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Hello from Donna

Thanks for all your prayer for us during pregnancy and delivery. We are so gratefull for our perfect little bundle of joy that God has granted us. She's having fun getting Daddy up at night since he doesn't have to work for two weeks! Then it will be Mommy's

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Donnie & Donna's Family

Here are some pictures of Doenisha and Vanya visiting Ann for the first time

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ann Marie Arrives

Ann Marie arived at 9:59 AM on October 3 she weighed in at 10 Lb 9 Oz and 22 inches long.
More pictures will follow soon.

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