Friday, July 03, 2009

My Majician......

As far as we know, no one taught her these moves. She has been in tap and tumbling, so maybe that did it??? I wish I would have had a video camera handy...Actually there is one on my camera, but I'm not real good at that in a Mom saw her first and saw the whole thing!

My Mom's cousin Forrest Daniel came to our recent family reunion. I think he said he's been doing shows for the last 50 years!! I don't know, but he's real good at it and Ann Marie was taken with him and wanted to be his helper. I'm sure she got in his way a couple of times, but he enjoyed her I'll have to post more of the pictures later, but here are a few to get you through the holiday!!

Introducing Uncle William to the I think there was a joke there, but not sure????? You'd have to ask them... Thank you Uncle WIlliam and Aunt Marylyn for a wonderful family reunion. More pictures to come later!
Wow, very impressive...these rings were cool!!!
Best buds! If you didn't know it, you'd think she came with the show...hehe
Vanya has picked up some card tricks off of Forrest Daniel!! He is so excited and no one can figure it out!! He wants to find a majic store now! Who knows maybe he can make some extra $ on the side. Doenisha, Donnie & I try to figure his tricks out, but I think Donnie is the only one that does, but he won't tell...hehe

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