Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy B-day Honey!! February 27th is your day!!

See more pictures in my slide show below!!

Everyone is asleep, and I'm being sneaky. Donnie's Mom made a photo album for him of his pictures! I found some really cool ones! He must have been the cutest coolest little guy from the start! They realized when he took the heat register in the house apart and put it back, that he was going to be a very talented little guy when it came to fixing things! I guess for his B-day one year they went to the junk yard, and I can't remember if it was a motor or transmission, but he took it apart and put it back together. I think I got my facts His Mom says Ann Marie takes after him when it comes to her imagination!! Hope you enjoy this slide show! I sure had fun looking through his album!

He graduated from Malvern High School, Ashland University, and Hawking Tech.

I love the story of him pumping gas after graduating from College, and he had to take a cut in pay to come to Steubenville and work in his field of broadcasting. Just crazy how even though you have a degree, it doesn't always promise great pay at Don has now worked for over 21 years in broadcasting. All of which he's been employed with the local TV Station. WTOV TV9 He worked his way up from the bottom, and currently holds the position of Chief Engineer! We are proud of you honey! Donnie is also last, but not least, the greatest Dad and husband anyone could ever ask for!

He is being treated to a weekend away. We are headed to the "Highlands" down in Wheeling, WV. Have heard a lot about it. I'm sure we'll enjoy our stay!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wow, finally my 15th B-day!!!!

In my Dad's tradition. I asked Doenisha what her favorite meal was... She wanted a roast, so Donnie stopped by the store on the way home Friday evening. I put my request in for "golden mushroom soup" if you've never put that in the crock with your roast before, you've got to try it!!! They thought I put too many potatoes and carrots in, but funny thing is, I don't think there were any I put it in before going to bed, so the meat would fall apart by the time we ate. MMMMM.....she had atleast 1 refill, if not two...we had to wait for her to finish eating before we could start the Here are a few pictures from her party! I'm not sure if my chocaholic was more excited about the candy in her bag, or the "high school musical" movie we got her??????

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where did my little girl go??

We are so proud of her! Here are a few pictures I put together for her in a slide show! She's a very tender hearted girl that helps and keeps me going in the rough times. I'll never forget counting her fingers and toes at the hospital to make sure they were all there!! I also remember telling my friend that I wasn't sure I was allowed to say it, but I thought she was so She assured me that was o.k. She's now a 15 year old lady. She's in the 8th grade and will be heading off to the high school this summer. We're not rushing that. I'm not sure where the time went. She's also very attached to her little Ann Marie. They tend to snuggle when things are going wrong. It works both ways. Sometimes Mommy doesn't get to put Ann to We just have to wink and let it go. Doenisha is like her second Mommy. We love you Doenisha and are so proud to have you in our home! Much love Mommy and Donnie Oh, yea. Can't forget Vanya and Annie. Some days they fight, but for the most part they are tightly

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Engagement December "2001"

Happy Valentines Donnie, my love! You mean so much to me, I don't know where to start...Thanx babe!!

I'll never forget the Sunday morning when Santa came to give the Sunday school kids different items that we had bought for them. Then some of the adults started sitting on his lap just for fun. Being kind of shy...I just stayed back. Just then Santa pulled a wrapped box out of his large bag and said it had my name on it??? I was rather puzzled. As I sat on his lap, he asked what did I want for Christmas. I whispered in his ear (didn't want Donnie to hear Told him that I wanted to get engaged for Christmas. Well to my total surprise when I opened the package, there was a note that said "Donna Smith, will you marry me?" Oh, my...I was speechless. I almost ran to him, and we embraced for quite a while. Our whole church family was clapping and so excited! Camera's were flashing. I could hardly catch my breath to let him know...of course I would! God had given me a gift in Donnie that I knew was extra special. Someone who had brought me back to church after I had brokenheartedly swore I would never return. One our favorite songs is "God Blessed the Broken Road" as you probably have noticed.

At our Wedding, the First Dance was "Amazed" sung by the group Lonestar. A couple of years ago, Donnie took me to hear them in concert! I'll share a few pictures of the band with you!

Monday, February 02, 2009

??Special Delivery for a Florist?? :))))))

While makeing my 1st of 3 visits to the Chiropractor for the week...I enjoyed running an errand for my Friend Michelle who has a Hardware/Flowershop accross the street from me! She was in desperate need of Bakers Ferns for her arrangements for the day. After makeing my first stop and not finding any, had an awsome talk with the flower lady at Kroger...either she was lonely or I was just enjoying an adult conversation...(sometimes we need those...hehe) She suggested that I go to a local flower shop there in Wintersville...not knowing that it was sort of a competetor, I bravely went in and told the owner that I was the delivery person for "Special Touch Floral" in Bergholz. He was very kind and ended up giving me most of a case at his cost!!!! Wow, there are still nice people in this world! I really enjoy Michelle. We've become close from the fist day I stepped foot in Bergholz after we had purchased our house. All of the paint came from her store...and she even had fun helping me with colors and all. Well, I decided I had waited long enough to return her the favor for all the hard work she does of cheering other people up! I enjoy delivering flowers for her any chance I get. How was I going to arrange flowers for a florist???????? Well, here was my attempt. I sure hope it passes inspection????

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