Thursday, June 18, 2009

You are an awsome Father and provider!!

I'm probably going to be dead for some of these pictures I've posted...:)

This chair that Ann is sitting in has been handed down. Donnie's Grandma had gotten it for his Dad, then is was Donnie's and now it is Ann's.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Mom & Dad June 10th, 1967

Dad always said "Mom was a pretty bride!" Here are just a couple of pictures to remember their day! They would have been married 42 years. I'm grateful for the memories they both gave us as a family! They worked hard at raising us every day! Thank you Mom for your part! Just thought these pictures would trigger some fun memories for you! My favorite is the kiss...looks like you both were having a great time! Dad lived for

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Looks like you were still finding never realize till it actually happens what a mess rice can

Love you sooo much! Not sure how Donnie and I ended up almost sharing your Anniversary, but it's a nice time of year to have one!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Thank you Donnie for your unconditional love!!

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Didn't realize how big this party was going to turn out to be...Beautiful day!!

I'm not sure if I've ever seen Donnie have so much

Thank you Honey for giving me a stable environment and unconditional love! You have more than provided for the kids and treated them as your very own. Now we have little Ann Marie which keeps us all going. She's such a joy to all of us!

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Pastor Mark has some pretty horses!! We enjoyed them for back drops!

So Handsome!!!!

Fire and Ice roses!! So pretty. I had them put a single red rose in memory of Dad...I miss you so much Daddy...

Thank you Carrie for being there for me over some rocky pulled me through more than once...I'm so glad you took part in our happy day!!

In loving memory of Uncle Bud... Aunt Inez, Aunt JoAnn & Uncle Talbot in this pic.

Aunt Carolyn and some other family if you look

What a surprise! Never expected Draft horses and a buggy!! You did good honey!

Wow...time sure has changed these Can't believe how young they were...

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Happy B-day Jeanne!! Celebrateing Preciouse Moments!

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your 5th B-day! I was your gift 7 days early, 36 years ago! Sorry I cried every time you tried to hold me...I promise I would be better the 2nd time around!!

Playing cook!!

Quality time with a dear friend!

Not sure where this is, but thank goodness you are there to hang on to me!

Awww, couldn't pass this one

Port-Au-Prince Haiti after getting mail from the huge post office!

Mom must have been takeing the picture.

You always made my favorite dresses. A close look at this picture showed the kitten cloth!! I still remember it! You made me a little purse to match. You were awesome and still are!

O.K. not sure what Honda's weight limit is or what the regulations are, but you can fit 4 Missionary kids on each one of these Honda 250 trail bikes! Thank you Tim and Andy Troyer for being such good drivers, I think we were all a little nuts...hehe

Senior Graduation! Melissa Lehman, Dan Ellis, and Jeanne

Memorial day 2009 Jeanne bagging a few fishing tips so she can help Andrew use his fishing pole! He caught a few out at Gillford while Uncle Donnie helped him!

Thanks Chad for the refreshing boat ride!! Thank goodness you hedged the Park officer off. I think you might have saved me a ticket on my

Awesome memories. It's 1:00a.m. and I think I'd better retire, but I wanted to post this before Jeanne gets on here today for her B-day! I'm not sure how they did it, but our birthdays are always exactley a week

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